Multi-Modality Image Management.
Multi-Modality Image Management.

In Radiology practice today, multiple complementary imaging modalities are frequently relied on to image the same patient, as each modality provides unique anatomical and physiological information. 3D modalities such as CT and MR provide information about the relationship of anomalous findings to surrounding structures and tissues. The Integrated Registration application provides you with a streamlined workflow to combine and display images from any two of the five major modalities (CT, MR, PET, SPECT, and X-ray angiography). Integrated Registration is aimed at improving your ability to provide more clinically relevant diagnostic information, and improving surgical and treatment planning.

Integrated Registration provides you with the capability to fuse and register two volumetric acquisitions from either the same or different acquisition modalities. Easily compare 3D anatomical images from CT, MR with PET, SPECT, and X-ray angiography1 for a more comprehensive analysis.


  • Load and register on the fly with drag and drop.
  • Easy registration and fusion.
  • Automatic registration propagation across series: one-click access to pre-defined protocols.
  • Automatic, manual, and landmark registration methods.
  • 2D, 3D, and hybrid capabilities.
  • Rigid and non-rigid (deformable) registration.
  • Lets you draw and save contours as RTSS DICOM objects.
  • Optional definition of anatomical regions of interest for optimization of fusion in this region.
  • Compatible with GE Advantage SIM MD and other standard treatment planning software.
advanced visualization integrated registration.

1. For XA modality series, Integrated Registration currently supports only 3D X-Ray Angiography images (stored as CT Image Storage DICOM objects) acquired with GE Innova equipment and reconstructed with the Innova3DXR application.


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